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At Excel & Flourish we turn training into play to transform your work day. Unlike traditional, boring training sessions we make it fun so you can enjoy the process while increasing your skills. That means lower stress, better work and fewer hours behind the screen with results that impress colleagues and clients.

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Microsoft Training

The office world seems to run on MS Office but most people only use 5-10% of the software’s capabilities. That means you’re doing a lot of extra work and wasting time. Our fun, in-person classes transform you from an average user to the office expert. You’ll save you time and turn out work that makes your boss drool. Join a class and make every day feel like a half day!

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Leadership and Soft Skills Training

Helping your team improve their emotional intelligence will improve collaboration, customer service and cut down on the office drama. We offer engaging courses on conflict resolution, interpersonal communication and more to meet the needs of the changing work environment. Our training is customized for every customer. Let us know your challenges and we can help your team grow.

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Our Customers Say…

Very engaging, therefore effective. I learned the ease of creating pivot tables and charts.

Great delivery. Could try speaking from behind the class to minimize "travel time" to individual problems.

Jennifer is very nice. I got a lot of helpful takeaways.

Effective and thanks for explaining things so clearly. Thanks for taking time for questions. Autofill and quick formulas for whole selection of data will make it easier and faster. Thanks!

Very effective. She answered questions while still staying on topic. Before I tried teaching myself pivot tables, I'm more confident now.

My wheels are spinning around outcome measures and how we can put this to use for communicating with our leadership team.

Well rounded for beginners and experts. Friendly. Quick and easy shortcuts are always fun and useful.

This training would have saved me HOURS in prior roles. Jennifer was confident, engaging and effective.

Jennifer was excellent. Great teaching is all about making something complex so simple that anyone can understand it. Jennifer does this along with conveying a passion for the product and teaching. I won't have to go to our database analyst to get data to answer questions. I have a programming degree and it's embarrassing that I couldn't build a pivot table.

Thank you for the info on conditional formatting - I had no idea! Very engaging and clear! Thanks for speaking slowly.

Effective and friendly. You feel free to ask questions and feel like there are no stupid questions.

Jennifer does such a great job of directly addressing the topics the group came to learn about while honoring the various levels of familiarity with the subject matter. She blends important (and somewhat daunting) information with humor and plenty of time to ask questions. Her presentation was reassuring as we worked through the material. Handouts and further support are follow-up bonuses!

Jennifer was very clear in her explanations and went at an appropriate speed. Autofilling formulas and formatting cells all at once will save time. Thanks for your help! This was great training.

I learned how to automate formatting, clean up data, and dashboards. She was very effective, adaptable and engaging.

Excellent. Great training is all about making something complex so simple that anyone can understand. Jennifer does this along with conveying her passion for the product and teaching.

Very engaging. Extremely knowledgeable and understandable. Each time I get an other training, it makes more sense and is easier to use.

I will be able to manipulate data faster and more efficiently. She was effective, engaging, easy to follow and knowledgeable.

Engaging teaching style - enthusiasm and non-judgmental approach is great. I can now set up pivot tables. You are such a great teacher, you really are. Thank you.

Enjoyed the training - a good mix of teaching and discussion.

Wonderful. I was able to get help and most importantly learn very useful skills. I loved learning useful ways to display data so that another user can "click click" to ready what they want to know. It eliminates one having to constantly explain. Thank you!

You feel free to ask questions and like there are no stupid questions.

Linking charts and slicers to data in a dashboard was helpful. Good, engaging teacher - a little fast.

Effective and engaging and perfectly descriptive. The interactive nature is appreciated. One of the most impactful seminars I've ever been a part of. Much appreciated!

Jennifer was very clear in her explanations and went at an appropriate speed.

Effective and easy to follow along.

Effective and engaging. Willing to speak tangentially, but keeping all involved (not just whomever asked the question). Autofill and conditional formatting will reduce the amount of time I take reformatting every time I create a new composite or rental invoice.

Great ability to engage with our work tasks and apply solutions in an engaging manner. Massive time savings in pivot tables and filtering of information this is a MASSIVE time savings!

Great teacher. Took her time and stopped to help us.

Engaging - your enthusiasm and non-judgmental approach is great.

Great! I can't wait to try these tricks out. Will definitely help with compiling data.

Learned to manipulate data and took away some fears of pivot tables. Jennifer is very patient and full of energy.