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On-Site, In-Person Training That’s Kinda Fun

We offer customized and fun on-site training that employees love. Why do they love it? When we’re done, their job is easier, their days are more productive, and they are excited to apply their newfound skills. The difference is using an in-person trainer to lead the courses to make the content come to life and engage the team.

Why not webinars or online training?

Employee don’t learn while half-listening and scrolling through social media. Our classes hold their attention and real learning turns into real results every single day. Plus, our on-site trainers have the flexibility to do large classes or one-on-one coaching to make sure everyone understands and gets something out of the training.


Who needs training, anyway?

Every user is at a different level and it’s tough for individuals to accurately assess their skill level. What was thought to be advanced user at their last job might be find themselves behind in a tech-forward office. We offer customized, objective employee assessments to identify skill deficiencies. Once we know where a user needs help, we can quickly fill in the gaps and get them up to speed.

Which Class Style is Best for Your Team?


Onsite Training

Improve the Microsoft Office proficiency of your group with a playful, fun class. You’ll laugh, learn and look like a Rock Star to your team.


Bullet Training

Microwave the content and give your team “just the facts” in a one-hour power lunch or coffee session. You’ll be amazed how many tactical tips and tricks you can learn in such a short amount of time.


Study Halls

Our trainers are available to work with individual team members to answer specific questions, solve immediate problems and clear roadblocks that slow down projects and processes.

Our Specialties:


Excel Training

  • Magic Shortcuts and Timesavers
  • “I didn’t know it could do that” Formulas
  • Simplify big data sheets
  • Pivot Tables, Dashboards and more

Overcome Inbox Overwhelm

Techniques from

  • Get to Inbox Zero – Really!
  • Learn a daily system to never fall behind again
  • Rules, secrets and best practices to make Outlook work for you

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