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I'll admit it, I use gmail and I also leverage some of the other Google tools. Just because I'm an MS Office Master doesn't mean I don't recognize and value what Google brings to the table. My favorite part of the G-Suite is their collaboration tools, but that's for another time. Right now, I came across a new (to me) tool for Gmail that some of you might benefit from.

For my friends who use gmail in business or as entrepreneurs check out this project/task management tool - on sale at AppSumo now... Yanado. Check it out.
Here's a link to the deal: What do you think?

Yanado (3)

Another tool I love for gmail is Boomerang. You can set reminders to schedule follow up and (my favorite) you can pause your inbox from getting messages. Just don't forget to un-pause it. This totally supports my philosophy (as well as many other productivity experts) that we should only check email x times per day rather than be a slave to every new message that comes in. Best of all, for personal use this is a FREE extension. Try it!

Finally, for those who are tired of going back and forth to set appointments, check out This combines the functionality of Doodle into the email message itself - beautiful, seamless, free!

What's your favorite add-in for gmail?

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