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Customized In-Person Hands-on Training

We provide customized solutions to increase productivity, improve quality of data and decrease frustration. When was your last software upgrade? Was there training to show new features? Doing things the old way may be costing time and money.

Why not webinars or online training?

Webinars and online training are a great starting point, but often people multi-task during those lessons or aren't clear on how to apply example lessons to their work. In-person training with an expert can increase application of these lessons and even improve on existing systems.


What we offer


Onsite Training

Our expert trainers will provide training at your office on all supported versions of Microsoft Office with curriculum customized in both content and approach.


Bullet Training

These are high-speed and high-content classes that focus on one topic for one hour allowing flexibility and customization.


Study Halls

Drop-in sessions with an on-site expert or immediate problem solving to help employees fix or improve their work files and processes.

Our Specialties:


Excel Training

  • Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
  • Formulas
  • Managing Big Data
  • PivotTables and Dashboards

Overcome Inbox Overwhelm

Techniques from

  • Getting Things Done
  • Inbox Zero

An easy system for processing messages and managing tasks and workflow.


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